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No More Yahoo Site Explorer?

Posted on January 11, 2012 by J Franco

Yes, you’ve read it right. There’s no more Yahoo Site Explorer. And there’s no need to “google” it. 🙂

Bing is now integrating Yahoo traffic data into its webmaster tools. Whether you like or not, Microsoft is really giving all its efforts to boost its search service.


Yahoo! Site Explorer shutsdown.

Most online marketing experts and SEO specialists prefer Yahoo! Site Explorer’s inbound links information than Google’s webmaster tools. We just hope Bing won’t fail the high expectations from the search professionals.

With these changes undertaking, 2012 maybe a good one for Microsoft. This move is a great initiative to beat Google’s 65% market share in online search. Tough one but I can say it’s a good start for Microsoft. The software giant is also working on making “search more social” — and by “social” we mean Facebook. Bing recently announced its new feature update: Discover more things your Facebook friends like. It seems Microsoft’s clever investment strategy is finally paying off. It’s now integrating Facebook information into Bing’s search results and rankings. With over 750 million users, this one is definitely a big threat to Google.

Microsoft already has Yahoo! and Facebook as its allies. When do you think people will finally turn to Bing as their search engine? Simple. Only when Bing gives the most relative and reliable search results.